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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Oh What a Day!

Boy oh boy, what a day today turned out to be! My poor little kitten (Lonzo, a silver tabby,) started limping whilst we were away, so as soon as we got back I made an appointment with the vets. Well, to cut a long story short, she has a broken leg, which is further complicated because the break is on the growth plate....I have been from the regular vet to see a specialist, who kept her in and is going to operate tomorrow. So far it's cost me £500, and the op estimate is for £2000  !! OMG, I am so pleased we took out pet insurance (although a large part of today's expenditure won't be covered.) All this tooing and froing with 3 littlies in-tow, (one of whom was my 4 year old son, Noah, who is Autistic, and finds anything out of routine/strange places difficult to handle, so that was no picnic in the park I can tell you!)

We have no idea how she did it, poor little love, but she's still been playful and not off her food. 

So folks, my advice to all you pet-owners out there, is for goodness sake, TAKE OUT PET INSURANCE! You never know when you might need it!

Oh yes, once she is home I've got to keep her cage-rested (in a small dog-cage) for SIX WEEKS!!! Goodness knows how any of us will cope with that!

I'll let you know how she gets on. x


Anne-Marie said...

Poor little thing! At least she may not have been in a lot of pain, because her bones will still be quite soft, if she's still growing....still, not nice.
Doing the lottery this week, then?....ha!
Good job we love our pets, eh?
Our insurance for aged black lab has slowly crept up to £42 a month, but still well worth it!

Dawn said...

Aw Ali! Poor Lonzo!Hope she's okay & all goes well tomorrow!
Just as well you had insurance! We don'r have our kitty insured but we do put money away each month for his bills!
Dawn xx

Mandy said...

Sorry you've had a tough day hun & poor Lonzo, I hope she recovers well.
When I had my little Lily & had to keep her in a cage for 6 weeks after her pelvis operation I originally put her in a small dog cage but our other kitten Diddly kept trying to play with her through the bars so I ended up buying a travel cage so she was all zipped in safe and left in peace to rest.
The hardest part was trying not to feel guilty for keeping her in the cage when she was shouting wanting to come out
hugs Mandy xx

Marie said...

Oh dear! Poor little one! Hope it goes well and she gets back home soon. I know "all" there is with sick cats having spent a fortune on ours even with insurances of all kinds. What don't we do for our four legged friends?
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Love n hugs

Claire said...

AWww poor Lonzo, good job she's got such a lovely family to look after her. I hope you have a better day today Ali and Lonzo is soon feeling better
hugs to you all
Claire xx

Catherine said...

I totally agree with you Ali ! It always seems expensive when you pay the premiums but it's worth it when something happens ! I do hope that Lonzo will soon be back to normal... Give her a bit hug for me will you ? With lots of hugs and love from Catherine

Debbie said...

Aww poor wee Lonzo, do hope they get her sorted out and that she can stay still for 6
Brilliant though that you had pet insurance out - shock, horror, gasp!!!!!! That sure would paid to any crafty stash you wanted for a while.


deepak said...
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Catherine said...

Poor little Lonzo, I hope your Noah can help with your kitten's recovery with lots of hugs. Thank god for insurance yeah.