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Monday, 6 September 2010

'Kawaii' ATC swap

Over at Swap-Bot, I have joined in a Kawaii ATC swap. 'Kawaii' literally translated means 'cute' in Japanese, but the Kawaii style has become bigger than just a name, and characters such as 'Hello Kitty' have been created as a result of its popularity. are my 2 ATCs.
I was inspired by Sue's ATC from another swap (thanks Sue!) and 'borrowed' her idea of the diagonal pocket housing further elements....(see the post below for pics of Sue's lovely ATC.) 
Inside each pocket, is a folded zig-zag of Kawaii friends....
Then each little 'zig-zag' then refolds to fit back inside the diagonal pocket! Almost forgot to say, I purchased the 'Kawaii Girl Collection' graphics for these over at Cardmaking Downloads.
To be totally honest, I am a bit nervous about this swap! When I signed up I knew what 'Kawaii' meant, and thought it would be fun to try something a bit different! But then.............I started reading some of the profiles of the others taking part in the swap, and they are into collecting Kawaii merchandise BIG-TIME! They have huge lists of likes and dislikes, including specific designers of Kawaii merchandise etc....I had NO IDEA it would be quite as specific as that....just hope mine are ok, as they can be quite harsh with their ratings over on Swap-Bot too!!!!! Oh well, I was pleased with how they turned out, and I hope you like them too!


Dawn said...

I love them Ali & if they're not happy with them I'll have them! Sure it won't be an issue!!!
Dawn x

aqualeiga said...

Thanks Dawn.....the more I read of the profiles on Swap-Bot, the more I am worried!!! They are SERIOUS Kawaii collectors :-/

madaboutpooh said...

Ali....Stop...dont read the choice is your as to what to make and send..As long as your Atc's are recieved in time they must give you a 5 rating.....If you have not been given partners yet you can still opt out of the swap.
And as for your Atc's they are stunning and anyone would be thrilled to get one and I'll fight Dawn for one if I have to....

aqualeiga said...

Thanks Kris, I appreciate your words of wisdom! ;)

aqualeiga said...

Yay! Got my first Swap-Bot rating today, which was based on these ATCs.....I got a 5 (top score) AND a heart (for giving that little bit extra!) The recipient was really chuffed with them, and I am SOOOOOO relieved! Will post a pic of my returns when they arrive. Ali x