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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Film/TV ATCs.....Finally!!!!

Well, I've finally finished them! Here are my ATCs for my swap at Ali's ATC Swap Stop, where the theme for September is 'TV and/or Film.'
My first attempts were great in theory, but as I was making them they just weren't working for me, and so were abandoned partway through! They were based on the magical Wizard of Oz, a film I watched over and over again as a child, but it wasn't to be. So instead, I pondered for several days as to which of the many other ideas I had to choose!! I ended up with an eclectic selection based on some of the family's favourites.

 Betty Boop because Zoe and my Niece Fleur love her....This one is a shaker ATC, with red seed beads inside.

Spongebob Squarepants because both of my boys love it....Toby and Noah (Noah has been walking round with this one going over and over the characters names!!!!) This one is like an 'inchies' montage, all raised on foam pads.

Tom and Jerry because my Dad STILL loves to watch these, and my littlies always get excited and call him in to watch if it ever comes on!! The image is layered up and mounted on foam pads.

...........And finally the 70's classic, Rainbow, which I remember watching as a child and can still sing the theme tune to the opening credits!!!! (No laughing please!) Once again, layered and mounted on foam pads.

I have also started playing with a few more ideas, and will probably send them out with the swaps as RAKs.


Dawn said...

Great ATCs Ali, all firm favourites of mine! Guess we're just big kids at heart!lol

Anonymous said...

oh dawn these are fab-love them all. rainbow takes us back some years, i loved it! ooh showing my age now lol.

deb.lauder said...

Fantastic ATC's Ali - I am the very proud owner of Betty Boop - thank you she's gorgeous x