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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Spyder's ATC Swap

I just thought I'd share with you the ATCs I received this month from Spyder's swap over on the Cardmaking and Papercraft forum  

The theme was 'Once Upon a Time'..........

I was thrilled with them, and they include a bit of everything from decoupage, decorated chipboard, stamping, colouring, and even a 'real' little fairytale book that opens! (top right.)

Next month's swap is entitled 'My Favourite Things.'

If you'd like to join in, then drop Spyder a line, using this link: 
I'm sure she's be thrilled to hear from you.....

Friday, 30 July 2010

A 'Turf-riffic' Friday!!

Well folks, when I decided to pop to the shops, true to their word, the landscapers returned to lay the turf, which was delivered early this morning. I returned to a very welcome sight, and although its going to take a while to settle, its such a relief to see it finished before we head back home.
I also realised, I'd not shown you a pic of our caravan, sooooooo, here it is! Ta Da!................

Oh yes, I did pop into the Papermill Shop when I was out, (just to satisfy my craving of course!) and think I did pretty well.............I came home with a box of card, 2 ink pads, 3 reels of DST, 2 spools of ribbon and a magazine with free stamp-set.....all for a tenner!!!! AND I got my Loyalty Card stamped too :D  So I am one happy bunny who can't wait to get home!!! Oh yes, also ordered some paper flowers from Ebay!!! (Take a look at the seller: dinkybutnice.)

Kid in a Sweetshop!!!

Hi again! Well, I've had such a fun evening, trying out LOADS of new blogskins for my blog....if you've been over to see it tonight you may well have been very confused, it's been changing by the minute!!! I've been like a kid in a sweetshop..."oooh, I love this one....NO, I've GOT to have THIS one....but WAIT, this one's great....." As it's pretty much bedtime, for now, I've settled on this one.....let me know what you think..........

Before I sign off, I want to welcome another cyber buddy.....Kris, a warm welcome, hope I can make you smile every once in a while................

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Talking of the Twilight Saga.....

Couldn't resist adding a quickie post, after mentioning the Twilight Saga in my last post......If you've never visited The Pixie Dust Studio, you've GOT to go and see their fab digi stamps......which include.....da, da da da da da daaaaah.... a whole section dedicated to our fave characterts from Twilight!!! Yes, it's true....and here's the link:

Aren't they FAB!?!?

The Saga Continues....

Sorry if I got your hopes up there folks, but sadly I'm NOT talking about the fabulous Twilight Saga, but that of the building site outside my caravan!! It's been a busy day here, we've had diggers, lorries, workmen and several cups of tea, not to mention huge piles of topsoil! The GOOD news is that the ground has been levelled, and topsoil put down, ready for the turf which comes on Friday!! Just in time for us to......go home!! Mmm, you don't think I'm being a little cynical here do you....? On a brighter note, it did keep my Zoe occupied all morning watching the digger!! LOL!

Now doesn't that look better!?! Hopefully on Friday, I'll have the final pics to show you!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Caravan Park, or building Site...?

Well, it's been a couple of days since my last post, and although they've been part of our 'holiday,' they've been far from stress-free. We have come to our caravan and were faced with a terrible mess just outside, where our littlies play. It's taken me 24 hours to calm down and feel a bit easier about it, and I've included a picture so you can see what I mean.....

Oh yes, they also made a hole in the side of our caravan with the same crane that churned up the ground! Stressful to say the least!
On a cheerier note, I want to welcome my first 5 followers, Dawn, Debbie, Denise, Lyn (Spyder,) and Lorraine, all of whom are my buddies from the Cardmaking Downloads forum......thanks guys, you are the best! :D

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Flash Your Freebies....Part 2!

Lots of you will probably have joined in with this FAB challenge over at Pollycraft.....this is the card I made for the 2nd part of the challenge. The cute little image was a freebie, and for making something using him, we get to choose ANOTHER free digi from Paula's shop! How cool is that?! We had to 'think green' when making this card......
Papers are Pink Petticoat, ;You're One in a Melon'.....gorgeous! You can find them here:

My first ever post on my first ever blog!


Well, it seems I've finally been dragged into the 21st century, and been convinced to start a blog of my very own! As its completely new, it'll take me a while to suss out what I'm doing, but as we head off to our little haven in Kent tomorrow (well, its a caravan, but hey......) I'm taking my laptop and will have a potter around and try to get to grips with it all!

Til then, have a great evening everyone................hugs, Ali x