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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Saga Continues....

Sorry if I got your hopes up there folks, but sadly I'm NOT talking about the fabulous Twilight Saga, but that of the building site outside my caravan!! It's been a busy day here, we've had diggers, lorries, workmen and several cups of tea, not to mention huge piles of topsoil! The GOOD news is that the ground has been levelled, and topsoil put down, ready for the turf which comes on Friday!! Just in time for us to......go home!! Mmm, you don't think I'm being a little cynical here do you....? On a brighter note, it did keep my Zoe occupied all morning watching the digger!! LOL!

Now doesn't that look better!?! Hopefully on Friday, I'll have the final pics to show you!


Dawn said...

Looking much better Ali, can't wait to see it all restored to its former glory!

Lorraine said...

Well, it certainly looks better. Can't believe those pics on your other post.