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Friday, 30 July 2010

A 'Turf-riffic' Friday!!

Well folks, when I decided to pop to the shops, true to their word, the landscapers returned to lay the turf, which was delivered early this morning. I returned to a very welcome sight, and although its going to take a while to settle, its such a relief to see it finished before we head back home.
I also realised, I'd not shown you a pic of our caravan, sooooooo, here it is! Ta Da!................

Oh yes, I did pop into the Papermill Shop when I was out, (just to satisfy my craving of course!) and think I did pretty well.............I came home with a box of card, 2 ink pads, 3 reels of DST, 2 spools of ribbon and a magazine with free stamp-set.....all for a tenner!!!! AND I got my Loyalty Card stamped too :D  So I am one happy bunny who can't wait to get home!!! Oh yes, also ordered some paper flowers from Ebay!!! (Take a look at the seller: dinkybutnice.)


Dawn said...

Looking good!!! Hope it settles in well and looks just as good as it did before! Well done on the shopping front! Hope you can all relax and enjoy what's left of your hols!

deb.lauder said...

Have you got room in your suitcase for a little one ;) - your caravan looks sooo inviting - hope your second week away is much more relaxing for you all.