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Friday, 30 July 2010

Kid in a Sweetshop!!!

Hi again! Well, I've had such a fun evening, trying out LOADS of new blogskins for my blog....if you've been over to see it tonight you may well have been very confused, it's been changing by the minute!!! I've been like a kid in a sweetshop..."oooh, I love this one....NO, I've GOT to have THIS one....but WAIT, this one's great....." As it's pretty much bedtime, for now, I've settled on this one.....let me know what you think..........

Before I sign off, I want to welcome another cyber buddy.....Kris, a warm welcome, hope I can make you smile every once in a while................


Dawn said...

Ali, love all the different skins you've been trying out! Very Difficult to choose with soooooo much out there! Great fun having a look through them all too!!!
Hope you enjoying playing as much as I do, sorry I know you'll enjoy.......LOL
Dawn x

deb.lauder said...

Sweet page Ali :) - mind you I don't know what the others were like because I wasn't around - ROFLMAO. I would say have fun, but it's pretty obvious you are - lol! Hugs ;)