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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

...what do we do with those ATCs??

If you're like me, and love your ATCs, then you probably don't want to keep them in boxes where you can't see them, am I right? Well, another collector, Gina, has come up with a great idea, and if you click here it'll take you to her blog where you can find out what she's made to display hers on! Great idea, just wish I had the space to put mine!!

(Just thought I'd add a pic of someof my ATCs to liven up the post!!!)
Another idea, if like me you don't have a lot of crafty space, is to have them in an can either use the trading card pockets (3x3 spaces per page,) or, as I've also done, wait until your son has finished collecting his Match Attax cards, and pinch his binder, which is the perfect size to store those ATCs in too!!

(Some more examples of my ATCs)

If anyone has any other ideas/suggestions, PLEASE leave me a comment, as I'm sure other people (and DEFINATELY me!) would love to hear/see what you do with yours!

Big smiles, from Ali x


Su said...

Great ATCs Ali! Awww!! Fancy taking the child's album! ROF!!

Dawn said...

Loving the ATC's I have some in an album & some stored in a plastic see through box which they fit perfectly! As I get new ones they go to the front so I can see them!
Dawn x

deb.lauder said...

My collection is growing (not quite as quickly as yours mind you Ali ;) ROF)

TBH I have to go on the search for more storage - my folders are full and the newer ones of mine are in an notepad holder atm - I can see them all and they are safe (main priority) but it's not ideal - really must get to Ebay - I'll have to sit on my hands though so I don't get carried away - well maybe just a few gems so the folder doesn't get lonely in the envelope lol x