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Friday, 17 June 2011

Oh I'm SUCH a Clutz!!!

I was really disappointed not to receive any comments from the challenges I entered with my Father's Day corner bookmark card, until I had a nasty thought, which turned out to be true!....When I went back and checked, I HAD listed the challenges I wanted to enter, but must've got side-tracked and HADN'T actually entered my card into ANY of them!!! :( :( :( Can't tell you how disappointed I was, as I was really rather chuffed with my creation!

Oh well, that'll teach me........DON'T do it again!!

Night night! :)

(PS. If you fancy checking out my card, there's a link to it HERE.)


jackid said...

LMAO just the sort of thing I would do oh I bet you are gutted sorry I am giggling as I am typing this but I do feel for you don't feel to bad though
Jacki xx

Dawn said...

Awwww Ali, I've done that too! Luckily I went back to check & made it to most of the challenges.
It was a wee stunner too!
Big Hugs
Dawn xxx

Debbie L said...

Such a shame - it's a gorgeous card Ali. I'm sure it was well appreciated though - brilliant card and fab tutorial which I will be using soon :) Thank you xx