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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Meet BEANZ !

I thought I should introduce you to the newest member of our  BEANZ!

Isn't he just the cutest?! I have wanted a ginger cat since I was a girl, and when a friend of a friend's cat was pregnant, I said "oooh, if there's a ginger one, I'll have it!" A few days later when she had her kittens, their were THREE ginger ones in the litter! It was FATE! I went to choose one, and this little boy was the most ginger (the others had more white on them.) He has settled in a treat, and is so friendly, he follows me all over, and if I sit down, he's there in a flash, snuggling up on my lap! He has gotten more and more adventurous as the days have gone by, and one of his favourite pastimes is 'helping' me when I am making cards! Here are a couple of pictures (not very clear I'm afraid, but he wouldn't keep still long enough for the camera to focus!!)

I am so pleased with him, he is such a delightful little character, and everyone in the family (including my hubby who is normally not bothered) is totally smitten with him!
I have some better pics on my i-phone...if I ever manage to work out how to get them onto the laptop I'll post them up for you to see!


Chrissy said...

Oh! he just squeezed my heart, reminds me of my ginger kitty that I lost last year...he is just adorable...what is his name?


Diane said...

Oh Ali....he is soooooo sweet and such a pretty boy !! Beanz is lucky to have you too !!

hugs Diane xx

Joey said...

awwwwwwwwww hello Beanz! great name and he looks absolutely adorable too, his fur is so clean and lovely!, I think our kitty may not have had the best start he is still so frightened :( hes slowly coming out of his shell but hes not at the cuddly stage yet sob sob. Joey xx

Catherine said...

So cute.....

Teresa said...

Adorable. xx

Jenny said...

I am more of a dog person but I have to say ...That is one very very CUTE cat. I can see a cat paw print card coming up (he he).

Catherine said...

Oh Ali I feel soooooo jealous ! Beanz is ADORABLE ! I am a big cat person (as you have guessed !), and your baby reminds me so much of Sukie when she was a kitten ! Thank you so much for sharing ! Keep taking photos !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Dawn said...

Love him to bits! He's just a total little cutie!
Thanks for sharing the pics!
Dawn xx