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Monday, 29 November 2010

.....RETRO ADVERTS In Triptych!

Just in time for the end of November, here are my TRIPTYCH ATCs for my swap over at Ali's ATC Swap Stop!
I love old retro ads and thought this was a great chance to use them for some ATCs. Anyone remember these products.....?

We used this soap when I was a little girl!

These were/are one of my fave sweets! Used to get a real treat and have a box of them when we went to the cinema as a girl!

I remember my Dad having this with a cooked smelled so spicy to me!

There were SOOO many great ads to choose from, I wanted to make loads more.....Marmite, Sunlight soap, Coca Cola, Oxo, Cornflakes, Cadbury's chocolate.....ooooh, the list is endless! Maybe we'll have a Retro Ad theme for an ATC swap sometime......what d'you think.....?

Smiles from Ali x

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Great ATCs Ali! Love those ads too!!
Dawn xxx