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Monday, 21 February 2011

Toby's Birthday Card

Tomorrow is my oldest son's 11th Birthday. Last year, he was Liverpool FC MAD.....what a difference a year makes! THIS year, he has become a true supporter of our local team, Southampton FC (aka Saints.) Football has become a huge part of his life, he now plays for a local team in a Sunday league, does football training and circuit/fitness training every week, and follows the premiership league with an attention to details I can only dream of him applying to his schoolwork!!!

And so, his birthday card HAD to have a footie theme, and here it is:

This year is the Saints 125th anniversary, so I have used an image of their badge which incorporates that....

The pitch and net BPs are from a freebie at Cardmaking Downloads, and the images are free caricatures of Saints players I found on the internet....with the exception of the one in the middle....
Any Saints fan may recognise Matt Le Tissier on the left, Dean Richards on the right, but maybe not.............TOBY STANNEY (aka the birthday boy!) in the centre!! A little cut n paste work, and I managed to add Toby's head onto Mick Channon's body! Looks quite effective don't you think?!

The sentiments are computer generated, and for the easel stopper I have used a football button, which I stitched on at an angle, and placed it so that Toby's image is striking it!

Being only 11, I may well have to explain to him WHO the other players actually are, (although I know he knows Matt Le Tizz from a school project he did recently!)

Zoe (my 5 year old) was crafting away with me last night, making her own card for her big brother, using exactly the same images as mummy; I WAS going to add a pic of her creation, but she's hidden it somewhere safe and gone to bed, and despite my best efforts, I have NO IDEA where it is!!

We've got a busy day tomorrow, a 4-lads-sleepover, pizza, cinema and a very late night I expect, so wish me luck..........just as well its half term!!!!

And finally (was that a 'phew!' I just heard!?) a very warm welcome to my latest followers: Michelle, (oh yes, THE Michelle Perkett, how honoured am I! Go check out her fab images.) Linda, and Berenice....thank you all for joining me on my crafting journey.

Thanks for looking, and Happy Crafting!


madaboutpooh said...

lovely card are so clever...

would love to see zoe's card when you find it...

deb.lauder said...


Toby is going to love it Ali - it's absolutely brilliant - well done :) Looking forward to seeing Zoe's masterpiece :)


Happy birthday Toby hope you enjoy your birthday and sleepover Don't forget to give your mum a massive hug to say thanks afterwards ;) - btw from a house full of LFC fans, I'm sure they will be sad to see you say goodbye (mind you at least you didn't follow Torres :o and you found a team close to your heart) Good luck with the rest of your games this season :D