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Thursday, 16 December 2010

........Not long now!!!!

Forgive me bloggers and crafters, for I have sinned! I have had to admit defeat and cannot possibly make another Xmas card this year! Thankfully, I have my lovely 5 year old daughter's creations to fall back on, and I am sure those who receive them won't feel disappointed.....after all, a cute painting of Santa always makes me smile! I hope you are all well and truely making tracks into those never-ending tasks and chores that need doing at this time every year......heaven knows what might happen if we get this snow they are threatening us with so close to the Big Day?! Aarrgghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you again soon......


Dawn said...

Thank good ness you took that cape off & stopped for a cuppa Ali! You amaze me all the time with what you achieve!
Sending big Hugs Your Way!!!
Dawn xxx

claire7q said...

I too have reached the point of no return. If I've missed anyone off my card list, then tough, but I don't think it'll kill 'em not to get a card this year!!!!

Pauline said...
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Pauline said...

Hi Ali - I love your creations - you'll see I'm a new follower! I'm another mum living with autism ... I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime...
I've a question to ask, and would prefer to via email, if you'd drop me a line at I'd be so grateful!
hugs and blessings from Australia,
(PS: I deleted my previous post, because I typo'd your name - how embarrassing for me!)