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Thursday, 2 December 2010

.........Another Blog Award!!!

Yes, it's true, this time I have a Stylish Blog Award! Probably the first and last time that the word 'stylish' will be used in conjunction with me, so I'm milking it for all its worth!!! LOL! My sincere thanks to Dawn from Dawn's Crafting.....without whom my blog trophy cabinet would be quite bare if I'm honest!!!

Now the hard bit!

8 things about me:
1) Like Dawn, I did tap-dancing as a child!
2) Until I'd visited New York, I just didn't get what 'bagels' were about, but now I LOVE them, and often have one for brekkie.....yummy!
3) I met my DH on a fresher's week pub crawl in my first week at uni!
4) I HATE fish and salad!
5) I am currently watching WWE wrestling with my oldest son!!!! Go John Cena!!!
6) I was 2.5 stone lighter after giving birth to my daughter than I had been before I got pregnant! (No, she wasn't 2.5 stone, I was really ill during my pregnancy!)
7) I don't watch Corrie, Eastenders, Emmerdale or any of those soaps......does that mean I'm not normal......??!!
8) I have made lots of wonderful people on craft forums and through blogging, who I consider to be very good friends. :D

Pass it onto 8 bloggers I've recently met:

1) Claire who joined my ATC swap blog when she first got into ATCs and is as hooked as the rest of us!!
2) Roz who makes fab vintage stuff!
3) Jacki such a sweetie with her own blog. :D
4) Faye whose blog cracks me up!
5) Cazzy from Quirky Crafts Challenge DT.
6) Di who creates fabulous digi downloads for you to colour with your promarkers and copics.
7) Petra who runs an ATC swap with Jane
8) Jane who runs an ATC swap with.....yes, you guessed it, Petra!!! Lol!

Now I need to let everyone get cracking!

Big Smiles from Ali x


claire7q said...

Thanks Ali :) Will get onto it tomorrow, it'll take me that long to think up 8 things....

jackid said...

Thank you Ali I'm on a rool with these awards yay take card and well done for getting yours

Cazzy said...

Thanks Ali, will sort it out on my blog soon.

Cazzy x

maisie sparrow said...

Oh, thanks Ali will put this on my blog now.x.

Suz Brill said...

I've given you an award too Ali!! x

Faye said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get over here, things are a little chaotic right now! xx