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Friday 18 March 2011

New Blog Awards

I have been very remiss in not posting my 2 latest blog awards, and sending thanks to those who sent them, so I must apologise and put things right!

This one is from my fabby friend Dawn, bestest blogging buddy.....(BBB d'you think it could catch on?!) Thank you so much Dawn, it certainly has been quite a ride!

This 2nd award was passed to me by both Pauline, a fellow DT memeber and friend, and also Dawn again! So many thanks to you both for thinking of me, I am humbled.

Here are the rules of accepting:
BFB award:
Pass it on to 7 more bloggers.
Versatile Blogger:
The story goes that this blog award has the purpose of bringing to light bloggers who are creative, make wonderful creations, but have less than 300 followers. And the rules ask that you...

1. Thank the person who sent you this blog. done
2. List 7 things about yourself (seven? really? But not 7 new ones? Phew!)
3. Send this to 15 bloggers.

So here goes:
  • Leesa (the navy wife) you simply MUST go and see her amazing work on her blog!
  • Debbie (Owner and fab boss at The Crafty Pad.)
  • Catherine another fab blog and Bugaboo DT member.
  • Pauline one of the SuperWomen I know, who always sees the bright side of life (I know you already have the versatile blogger award, so please accept the BFB award.)
  • Suz another SuperWoman (she's got the cape!) and forum buddy.
  • Helen a wonderfully whacky blog, with great ideas and great makes!
  • Joey I admire her wonderful work, and visiting her blog is always inspirational!
There we are, two awards for the price of one ladies!

And of course, I still have another 8 people to give the Versatile blog award to!
  • Meera fellow DT at for Fun!
  • Patricia fellow DT at For Fun!
  • Maggie fellow DT at The Crafty Pad.
  • Paula from Pollycraft.....super-talented lady!
  • Lyn from Spyder's Corner....such a fab blog!
  • Helen owner of For Fun challenges blog.
  • Rebecca a new member of my ATC swap group....great blog!
  • Claire another blogging friend with some great makes to share.

As for the 7 things about me, hmmmmmmmm, let's see, I'll try and choose things I've not mentioned before...
  1. It's 1.45pm and I sooo want to curl up and sleep on my sofa right now!
  2. I had buttered hot-cross-bun-loaf for lunch!
  3. As a child, I used to love sitting in the car when we got home and switched the engine off and listening to the sound of the rain on the roof.
  4. I am looking forward to doing some voluntary work with special needs pre-school children when my youngest goes to school in September.
  5. I've recently discovered CSI on TV and am really getting into it!
  6. I HATE salad!
  7. Now this one is going to shock you; more of a confession really.......I own a craft-robo that I've had over a year, and have never even taken it out of its box!!! (Shock! Horror! Shame on me!!!)
Do hope you'll come back and visit me again soon. ;)


Debbie L said...

Well done on your new award Ali - that trophy cabinet is certainly looking mighty impressive now :)

OMG! - to quote

7.Now this one is going to shock you; more of a confession really.......I own a craft-robo that I've had over a year, and have never even taken it out of its box!!! (Shock! Horror! Shame on me!!!)

I am gobsmacked.... no, speechless (well obviously not lol) maybe just try slapping me upside the head and tell me I'm dyslexic and didn't read that right (lol) How the heck????????

Maggie's Crafts said...

Well done on your award! Thank you for awarding me. Feel honoured.:)

7.!!! Shame on you! ;)